Downtown Development Authority / Classic Main Street


Our Mission Statement:


To revitalize downtown Pembroke through quality growth, historic preservation and beautification.


Our Vision Statement:


To develop and promote growth and prosperity in our community by maintaining and preserving our cultural and historic character.


The Pembroke Downtown Development Authority and Classic Main Street Program Board are currently in the process of developing an updated community strategy. The following members have been appointed by City Council and constitute the existing board:


Tiffany Walraven, Chairman (City Council Representative)


Doyce Mullis, Treasurer (First Bank of Coastal Georgia)


Terry McCoy (Owens Supply Company)


Christy Burton (Coastal Critter Care)


Cameron Smith (The Heritage Bank)


Stephanie Morrison (Pembroke Advanced Communications)


Sandra Smith (Soo-Amazing) 


Diane Moore, Ex-Officio Member (City Council)


Sharroll Fanslau, Secretary/Executive Director


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