Development Authority of Pembroke

Better Hometown Program 

Whistlestop Farmers Market to be hosted in Pembroke at DuBois Square beginning March 30, 2013.  To participate see the guidelines and applications listed at the bottom of this page.


The Pembroke Downtown Development Authority and Mainstreet Program Board is currently in the process of developing an updated community strategy. The following members were recently appointed or reappointed by City Council and constitute the existing Board

Tiffany Walraven, Chairperson (City Council Representative)
Billy Conley (Pembroke Pharmacy)
Terry McCoy (Owens Supply Company)
Jean McCormick (Pembroke Telephone)
Laverne Scott (JM Video)
Tommy Flanders (Flanders Morrison Funeral Home)
Doyce Mullis (First Bank of Coastal Georgia)

Sharroll Fanslau (Executive Director)
Hannah Deloach (Ex-Officio Member)
Diane Moore (Ex-Officio Member, City Council)
The community has several new and old structures available for occupancy. 
Please contact Sharroll Fanslau at 912-653-4413 for more information on vacant buildings. 
Pembroke's 3rd Annual Whistlestop Farmers Market will begin on Saturday March 30, 2013 and will be held at DuBois Square in downtown Pembroke.  Please fill out the applications below and return to City Hall to reserve spaces.  Individuals are responsible for bringing their own tables, tents, and electrical extension cords. 
Updated Information should appear regularly.


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