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THE PEMBROKE PLANNING AND ZONING MEETING DAYS HAVE CHANGED!!  Beginning in April 2024, the planning commission meeting will be held monthly on the third Thursday of the month rather than the first or second Thursday of the month.  The meeting time will not change, and will continue to be at 6:30PM at Pembroke City Hall, 353 N. Main Street, Pembroke, GA.

The next planning and zoning meeting will be held on April 18, 2024!

Pembroke Building Permits

Beginning April 1, all new Pembroke building permits will be issued and inspections scheduled through the Pembroke Planning and Zoning Department. Applications for building permits, inspections and other planning should be made and all applicable fees paid online.

Go to the planning department section here and click on the tab that applies to you. Because of the planning department’s commitment to going paperless as much as possible, we encourage applicants to apply for all building permits and other planning and zoning actions online.